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About us

Minalli d.o.o. Sarajevo is a BiH company founded in 2012 in Sarajevo. We are manufacturing and selling custom furniture. The offer of the salon is conceived on the offer that provides the possibility of equipping a complete interior in one place with the help of professional staff.

Since our production is based on custom-made furniture, the salon offers professional support when it comes to furnishing interior or designing individual pieces of furniture.

Models of solid wood of modern or traditional appearance are in our constant offer. When it comes to full wood as a material you can choose beech, oak, walnut or cherry.

Modern design increasingly combines traditional with modern materials – in order to keep up with the needs of the market with us you can order such pieces of furniture.

Flexibility, expertise and creativity in the design and production of furnitures and furnishings, and short delivery times, assembly services and prices tailored to the extent of BiH consumers are what makes us different. Satisfied customer is our imperative!